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Avoiding Plastics & Single-Use ProductsA quick guide to why and how to avoid plastic and other single-use items
Pollination and BeekeepingBeekeeping can help you to create a more sustainable and vibrant garden.
Passive Solar DesignPassive solar design is a way of planning a home to best utilize the energy from the sun.
Green RoofsGreen roofs are transformations of ugly, heat-trapping roofs into beautiful gardens.
Rainwater CollectionHarvesting rainwater for future use is one of the easiest forms of clean-tech your community can implement.
Green Insulation AlternativesThere are many organic alternatives to traditional home insulators.
Solar Hot Water SystemsThere are four categories of solar hot water systems. This is a guide to help you choose depending on your budget and climate.
Why Buy Local Produce? It's Better for You & the PlanetBuying local produce is healthier for you and for the environment.
An Introduction to Home Water FiltrationEven if you don't have to, there are many benefits to filtering your home's water supply.
A Detailed Guide to Home Water FiltrationThis guide about the types of filters helps you make an informed decision about the best system for your home.
Geothermal Pumps: The Green Way to Heat & Cool Geothermal pumps are an efficient green alternative to traditional methods of heating and cooling indoor spaces

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