Community valuesOasa is first and foremost a community of nomad entrepreneurs.
Sustainability GoalsHere are the 10 sustainability development goals Oasa will follow as we build this company and how we plan on measuring our success.
Quality guideA good design finds a unique shape that solves the requirements without adding overhead.
ResourcesA curated list of resources for coliving and sustainable architecture.
Coliving CastleA bastion of community and sustainability, a dream, a home for location independent entrepreneurs.
Coliving Cape TownThe property is located in Misty Cliffs, an idyllic little village 45 min south of Cape Town.
Retreat in the Catskills, NYPerched in the upper Catskills in a peaceful mountain side covered with hiking trails this project features a couple a-frame structures where you can fully disconnect from the busy NYC life.
Amenities and featuresQuality standards and expectations vary by person. This is a shot at describing what it means for Oasa.
Composting 101An introduction to outdoor composting methods
Avoiding Plastics & Single-Use ProductsA quick guide to why and how to avoid plastic and other single-use items
Manifestation of living at OasaAn exploration of what a dream Oasa property would feel like.
Coliving positioning mapHow the different coliving platforms compare.
Make your coliving space sustainableA quick guide on how to make your coliving space more sustainable and more attractive to your guests.
Coop coliving: shared home ownership for the 21st centuryCooperatives have been around for decades and allow tenants to access real estate in a more cost efficient manner. How can co-living help?
Incubating ideas in a coliving communityColiving communities are burgeoning, in large part due to creativity they fuel through human connection.
Pollination and BeekeepingBeekeeping can help you to create a more sustainable and vibrant garden.
Passive Solar DesignPassive solar design is a way of planning a home to best utilize the energy from the sun.
Green RoofsGreen roofs are transformations of ugly, heat-trapping roofs into beautiful gardens.
Rainwater CollectionHarvesting rainwater for future use is one of the easiest forms of clean-tech your community can implement.
Green Insulation AlternativesThere are many organic alternatives to traditional home insulators.
Solar Hot Water SystemsThere are four categories of solar hot water systems. This is a guide to help you choose depending on your budget and climate.
Castles for sale in SpainA list of castles for sale in Spain that have potential to establish a premium coliving.
Castles for sale in PortugalA list of castles and manors in Portugal showing potential to realize a high end coliving.
Why Buy Local Produce? It's Better for You & the PlanetBuying local produce is healthier for you and for the environment.
An Introduction to Home Water FiltrationEven if you don't have to, there are many benefits to filtering your home's water supply.
A Detailed Guide to Home Water FiltrationThis guide about the types of filters helps you make an informed decision about the best system for your home.
Geothermal Pumps: The Green Way to Heat & Cool Geothermal pumps are an efficient green alternative to traditional methods of heating and cooling indoor spaces
The Power of Wind: An Overview of Wind TurbinesWind power is the fastest growing renewable resource harvesting system in the world.
Regenerative loopsAn overview of the positive loops Oasa implements to regenerate our planet
Regenerate PortugalWe are changing our impact on the planet by changing what we measure, creating positive loops around our spaces, as well as leading by example.
RegenaissanceThe regenerative movement is picking up steam, as we humans re:invent ourselves, changing our role from owners to guardians of nature.
A regenerative Tourism paradigmThese are some of my thoughts on a new regenerative tourism paradigm based on the example of Ibiza.

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