Castles for sale in Spain

This page is a work in progress list of castles to check out in Spain that have the potential to set up as a premium coliving.

We plan on setting this up as a coop and invest in and implement all the technologies upfront to make it fully sustainable and lower the monthly costs.

Wine farm near Barcelona

Near Barcelona, this wine farm has potential to be upgraded to up to 40 guest suites.
Price: 1.4M€
Size: 2400sqm, 13 rooms currently - 40 possible

Giant village castle near Barcelona

This castle is a huge amount of work. The cost to renovate it fully is likely in the multi million, but on another hand the acquisition cost is pretty low and with enough members this castle could truly show potential.
Price: 1.1€
Size: 2700sqm
Status: contacted broker
Details from broker:
The castle is located 120 km from Barcelona, a 1hr 35 min drive.
The castle is listed as a historical monument therefore it's exempt of anual property tax.
The total size is 2754 m2 and there is a proposal in place which accommodates 26 en-suite bedrooms.
You would need a full renovation project including structure and interiors (proyecto basico y ejecutivo).
You need to plan for at least 1200 €/m2 therefore you are looking at around 3.2 M € in renovations.

Castle near Girona (north of Barcelona)

This castle is really beautiful and surrounded by peaceful nature. The price is a little high for the project but it has a lot of upward potential as there are lots of parts that can be rebuilt to add more capacity.
Price: 1.49M€
Size: 1126sqm, 3 bedroom 2 baths currently

Luxury villa in Ibiza

This seems pretty dreamy, price is probably out of reach though.
Size: 673sqm, 6 bedrooms
Price: unknown
Status: contacted broker

Palace near Malaga

Huge villa near Malaga. The interiors are a bit too kitch to my taste, but finishes are in good shape. 
Price: 1.2M€
Size: 612sqm, 9 bedrooms, 6 baths

Luxury retreat center near Girona (Barcelona)

Fully finished luxury retreat villa near Girona with a lot of land (96Ha), with large pool and sauna. Beautiful and secluded. Only downside is renovation has been completed with little room for improvement and price set accordingly.
Price: 1.8M€
Size: 1000sqm, 14 bedrooms, 13 baths

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May 2, 2020