Västerås, Sweden

Impact Village - sustainable coliving community

Join a thriving community of entrepreneurs in Sweden.

As a community we have the ability to live in a village surrounded with like-minded people who all work from home making the world better, in one way or another.

In daytime the village’ co-working spaces will be filled with people exchanging ideas and being productive. At the evenings it’ll be cozy as the community members gather around the common areas. The weekends will be cheerful as we host events, ranging from parties to hackathons.

In the middle of the beautiful Swedish country-side, yet close enough for regular visits to Stockholm (1 ½ hour) an impact-village is changing the world. Does this sound like a dream come true?

Surround yourself with peers.


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Enjoy the pool and gym.


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Join the village

Looking for 50 founding members to join May 2020

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Unleash your creativity.


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Community in progress

This is still a work in progress and we invite YOU to participate, but see how we plan on making this sustainable and see our community values.