Clean Tech

Technologies enabling your home to be sustainable

You can use some of the below technologies to make your house, coworking or coliving space more sustainable.

If you would like us to help you become more sustainable, please reach out.  We are happy to chat!

Local ecosystem

ReforestationPlanting trees on desolated areas of your property will absorb carbon gasses and create a more lively ecosystem. On average a tree absorbs 22kg of CO2 over 40 years.
BeeBee swarmingHoney beeBee
Beekeeper carrying beehive
BeekeepingBees are some of the most effective pollinators we have. Not only does this decline spell larger ecological problems, but it also means our individual gardens suffer from the lack of pollinators.

Energy and environment

Water pump
Store excess energy by moving water uphillOnce your property generates enough clean energy, the main issue becomes storage. One scalable solution is using a water pump to move water uphill and then use the force of gravity to generate energy.
Oasa Castle
Solar Panels
Solar panelsSolar panels is one of the most impactful technologies you can implement to produce clean energy from your home.
Woman planting
Water rentention techniquesPlanting species that retain water in the soil is a vital piece in creating a sustainable ecosystem.
Wind turbinesWind turbines are an excellent way to generate energy, especially in rural areas.

Around the house

Greenhouse veranda in from of castle with green roof
Passive solarIn passive solar building design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, reflect, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer.
Green roofsGreen roofs can also be part of a passive building design. They provide excellent insulation, keeping the heat in during the night and the cool during the day.
Hydroponic greenhouse verandaAdding a greenhouse veranda as an entrance to your house can greatly insulate your house, capturing sunlight in the daytime while not letting the cold in through the entrance.
Natural water pool
Natural water poolBesides being much nicer to swim in, natural water pools also provide a clean environment and you can even integrate it into your irrigation system.
Rainwater collection and irrigation
Rainwater collection and irrigationPlace a tank or other storage and connecting to the downspout from your roof, and you'll be able to collect rain water to irrigate your plants, fill your natural water pool etc.

Inside your coliving/coworking

Window facing nature
House insultationUsing triple glazed windows that preserve heat, organic sound proofing and non toxic insulation materials.
Bath using solar hot water
Solar hot water systemsSolar hot water systems directly heat your water by exposing it to sunlight, and then store it so you can fill your bath without burning any fossil energy.
PlantIndoor plant
Geothermal pump heating
Geothermal pumpsBy using the temperature difference between the air and below ground, geothermal pumps can regulate the temperature in your house efficiently.