What is Oasa?

Oasa represents a new way of living. We design and build beautiful, sustainable homes with a focus on communal living. Our locations are carefully chosen to balance remoteness with accessibility to major cities and amenities.

Who is Oasa?

Oasa is community. It is owned and operated by and for nomads & entrepreneurs.

What makes Oasa different?

Because we value communal living, our common areas match unique views with cosy, functional interiors to meet with peers, friends and lovers. Smell the scent of untreated wood and fresh clean air.

Is Oasa sustainable?

Oasa is sustainable and carbon negative. Everything is locally sourced — from the roof above your head to the food in the pantry. Our homes are off-grid. They are solar and wind powered — using thermal pumps as well as being fully insulated. This means no greenhouse gas emissions from energy and heating. Our homes are meant to leave a minimal footprint on this planet.

More questions?

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