Could you help us answer a few questions about the future of living?

Architect designed homes in the middle of nature, providing space to focus, connect and grow.

Oasa represents a new way of living. We design and build beautiful, sustainable homes with a focus on communal living. Our locations are carefully chosen to balance remoteness with accessibility to major cities and amenities.

Landscape in the Catskills Architect rendering

Disconnect to connect.
Live together in nature.


Unique views combined with cosy and functional interiors to meet with peers, friends and lovers.

Smell the scent of untreated wood and fresh clean air. Feel the heated flooring. Breathe in a peaceful view and minimal interiors.

Walk into an open kitchen, fully stocked and with organic local produces.

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Fully equipped for work.
Even when you're off-grid.


Peaceful, clutter free space. Large windows facing nature. Stylish decor. Standing desks. Ample space for conversations.

Take time to build new projects with awesome people in a distraction free space. Learn from your peers. Teach something.

Owned and operated by and for nomads & entrepreneurs.

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Carbon negative.
Locally sourced.


Fruit trees and plants grown throughout the properties producing fresh fruits and vegetables that are available for guests.

Solar and wind powered, thermal pumps and well insulated structure means 0 greenhouse gasses emissions from energy and heating.

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